A Moment in Time

Anne Clark


A huge Thumbnail Congratulations to Anne Clark Photography on the Publication of her first Book, 'A Moment in Time, a collection of photographs and inspiring quotations'.

We are thrilled to have worked on this project, a fundraiser for Anne's chosen Charity, Reverse Rett. The Book is packed full of her beautiful photographs, accompanied by inspirational quotes, some from family members of Rett sufferers. This is a condition which affects mostly infant girls and has devastating symptoms which worsen as they grow. A cure is tantalisingly close, but funding is now crucial to make this breakthrough a reality.

Anne has dedicated her Book to her beautiful niece, Lauren, a Rett Syndrome sufferer.


Amanda Jones

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A very beautiful book with gorgeous photos, lovely quotes, before you know it you get into a dreamy place looking into a beautiful photo, it takes you into a calm relaxing place, perfect to look at with a cuppa coffee and a lovely piece of cake. Looking forward to seeing more of Anne Clark’s photo books in the future. She is a very talented photographer and highly recommend Anne Clark’s cards as well. All purchases help raise funds for a very worthy cause. Xx

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